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There has been a new photo added to the photos page, the photo was taken at a gig on Saturday the 4th of February in Auckland.  There were several rock bands playing at the gig including Killt, Twitch, Miscreant and Alpine Fault (the added photo was taken with one of the members of Alpine Fault ( .  One of my friends took several pictures of the event that was brought to people by The Rock Factory whose website is The gig was an awsome gig and these bands deserve lots more recognition and if you are in the Auckland region be sure to get along to some of The Rock Factory gigs.  They are well worth it.

There's another interesting site and although I don't agree with the content check it out anyway for opposite views

I am really annoyed at the government's approach to dealing with high inflation rates and unemployment, the government should be moving to enter trade agreements with other countries in order to generate a greater income for New Zealand. 

Minimum wage increases to $12 will only create more inflation: increase in wages -> increase in overheads -> increase in price -> no difference in people's pockets.


Following this week's article about histrionic personality disorder I received a few emails about it.  The email senders made claims that this is in fact a disorder and that the information I came across on the internet is in fact from a credible source.  I highly doubt that, it is the internet after all.

Anyway, this week's issue of T.R.W comes to you from Wellington for the first time and will feature an article about Auckland & Wellington, a top 10 list, the regular news items, there will be an editorial this week and there will be TV reviews.


I  have been asked to do an interview for Remix magazine on internet dating and I have said yes.  The interview takes place tomorrow and it will feature in the March issue of the magazine.  I will keep you posted as things happen.


It has come to my attention this morning that several people believe I have Histrionic Personality Disorder, I am going to take this opportunity to refute those claims and allegations as they are not true and can be considered defamation of character.

Histronic Personality Disorder is not mentioned in a very reputable university text book Psychology 6th Edition, Henry Gleitman, Alan J. Fridlund, Daniel Reisberg so I have to ask the question, does this disorder actually exist or is it a disorder mentioned on the internet only therefore losing credibility.  I have been to several sites now to research this disorder and none of the information about it comes from a reputable source.

Those who do claim histrionic personality disorder exists make claims that the sufferer of the disorder will suffer each of the following

1) is uncomfortable in situations in which he or she is not the center of attention - well this is very untrue that this could be a symptom of this "disorder" because I am not uncomfortable in situations where I am not the centre of attention.

(2) interaction with others is often characterized by inappropriate sexually seductive or provocative behavior  - define inappropriate, some would say having sex in general is inappropriate and some would say that nudity is inappropriate.  This is really a subjective thing but if any sexual behaviour is inappropriate then it is peadophilia.  If doing a nude photo shoot is inappropriate then that means all the porn stars, several actors and several models suffer this disorder.

(3) displays rapidly shifting and shallow expression of emotions - Lots of people get moody, children, teenagers, those who are tired, those who have their period, those who are hungry etc etc, its all part of being human and adapting to circumstances surrounding us.

(4) consistently uses physical appearance to draw attention to self - What exactly is meant by this?  uses physical appearance?  I certainly do not, never have.

(5) has a style of speech that is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail - lacking in detail, what is a style of speech that is lacking in detail?  I would have thought that this would be where people miss out some letters or say letters incorrectly eg// a t becoming a d., not when they pronounce things correctly and use correct grammar and proper English.  Impressionistic speech can often be developed through speech lessons and through acting classes or through being a very emotive person.

(6) shows self-dramatization, theatricality, and exaggerated expression of emotion - Again, this is a result of acting classes, it can be a result of being a very emotive person, are we supposed to be monotone and not show how we really feel?  Are we supposed to be robots who bottle everything up?  That only leads to worse disorders such as depression etc etc.

(7) is suggestible, i.e., easily influenced by others or circumstances  Isn't everyone?  how many of you reading this own an I Pod?  How many of you own playstations?  How many of you take on your friends' characteristics and character traits?  Simple fact is that this is part of being human, everyone tries to fit in, even if only subconsciously and  everyone is influenced by others.  It is a part of being human.  Just for the record, I don't own an I Pod, have never been to see King Kong or Narnia and I don't own a playstation but I bet some of you reading this have done some or all of these things so according to this you suffer the disorder.

(8) considers relationships to be more intimate than they actually are - No, never done this.  I'm very honest and very factual.  If other people do this is it really such a bad thing?  Is it really such a bad thing to be positive?  It can't be, it shows a high self esteem and optimism, I would have thought these would be characteristics that people look for in others.

Based on the above analysis of each of the symptoms of this disorder as above, this disorder can also be renamed "humanity disorder" because there is a damn good chance that every single person in the world suffers at least one of these symptoms and as such, this cannot be a disorder because if it affects EVERYONE then it would be normal.

I am amazed that people are fooled into believing disorders such as the above are disorders and are willing to categorise people into little boxes when they are not trained professionals.  I am not a trained psychologist either and I do not dispute that but what am going to dispute is people giving diagnoses on the internet when they have never met the person or known them for an extended period of time and had the person's opinions on the matter.

I am therefore pleased to say, I do not suffer any of these symptoms and in my opinion this disorder cannot be classed as a disorder because the dictionary defines a disorder as 1) a lack of regular arrangement 2) a breach of civic order or peace; a public disturbance or 3) an ailment that affects the mind or body eg// eating disorder (  2006).  I will analyse the symptoms once again and this time it will be on whether or not they can affect a person's living.    1) This can show confidence in living and it could mean the person becomes a tv presenter etc etc in which case this hardly affects a person's living or if it does, only in a good light. 2) is it really a disorder if you can use this to get a job as a model, actor, get a date etc etc?  No, the answer is NO.  3) well yes, this would affect a person's life in a negative way if they changed hugely but then that would be called bipolar disorder which is characterised by long periods of happiness and long periods of sadness, the description for histrionic disorder never mentions time periods or the extent to which emotions change but changing emotions is a good thing, not a bad thing, it would help people in getting friends because they can RELATE TO OTHER PEOPLE and EMPATHISE with other people. 4) only affects a person's life if they are raped or abducted as a result, otherwise its hardly a disorder. 5) poor pronounciation of words can affect a person's lifestyle in a negative way, if you don't pronounce words correctly then you will be seen to be lazy.  is being emotive in speech a disorder?  As I have already stated, it is not because it shows emotion which hardly affects a person's lifestyle.  6) Showing emotion is not a disorder because again, as with number 3 it shows good skills in being able to relate and shows that a person cares. 7) If people are influenced into doing negative things then yes, this is a disorder but most people are influenced by others to a certain extent.  It is known in psychological terms as social conditioning and we are most impressionistic as small children. 8) over estimating relationships can affect a person's lifestyle when they realise that either everyone loves them or everyone hates them but this is hardly what I would call a disorder, it would be a disorder if it caused them to do activities that could lead to them being harmed.

The bottom line after researching this disorder is that it is a load of bull shit, sure its talked about but it is not what I would call a disorders in my opinion are things that can seriously hinder how one lives their life: cancer, depression, schitzophrenia, bipolar disorder, ADHD or Obsessive Compulsive disorder, the above symptoms do not make up a disorder.

I say this every week, that I am interesting in hearing you feedback on a particular matter, this time I seriously am interested in your feedback into this matter.  email me at or I hope you have all taken something away from this article and rethought your views on the way you live your life etc. And to the people accusing me of having this disorder I hope you get your facts straight next time and stop being influenced by others, you may get histrionic personality disorder if you aren't careful...Thank you very much for reading.


As you are all well aware I leave for radio school in Wellington this week and as such am very busy with packing, work and one final week of summer school so unfortunately the site will not be updated until next weekend when I have moved.

I will however comment on the website smile city, this is a great website as you can gain rewards simply by voting in polls and going to the site every day.  I recommend this site to anyone who wants to purchase items online without having to fork out anything but time in visiting the site, the web address is  Another website that I am loving at the moment is trade me, there are some real bargains on the site as I'm sure a few of you are aware.

Act are debating the proposed smacking bill and they are saying that it takes away from the parents right to discipline their children.  I agree with Act and the thing I want to know more than anything is "who would want to smack their child anyway?", wouldn't verbal discipline be better and last longer or a time out system.  Although, those who choose to smack their children should be permitted to as the children need to learn.

Those of you who managed to get U2 tickets when they went on sale last month should be close to receiving them in the mail.  I received mine in the mail on Friday from Australia.  If they don't arrive in the next week or so then give ticketmaster a call on 0800 111 999 or if you purchased tickets for Australia then visit


The news page on the website has been updated, the other pages will be updated in time.


There are two new opinions in the opinions section in the website.  I could mention what they are about but you can check them out for yourself.

I would also like to comment on the movie, The Constant Gardener.  I saw this movie on Saturday night and it is a political film well worth seeing.  For more information visit

As you will also have noticed, the home page for the website has undergone major changes.


two more news items have been added to this week's edition of The Right Word and are viewable now.

A while ago I gave a review on the Unleashed 2005 CD.  This week I review three other CDs, these reviews can be found in this week's edition of The Right Word.


Issue 10 is now up on the website, news items to come in the next 24 hours.


On the 16th I said that the internet connection was working again, well unfortunately it was a mirage and was not in fact working.  I am pleased to say that it is now working again and this week's issue for the 24th of December of The Right Word is up on the site now so check it out, let me know your views.

I would like to take this chance to comment on public holidays.  I think they are a waste of time and in next week's issue, due to be up on the site on Sunday I will explain why I hold this viewpoint.

Stay turned.


As you all know, my internet connection has been having major issues over the past couple of weeks which is why The Right Word has not bee updated, well the whole site hasn't been updated at all.

The Right Word will resume on Sunday because the internet connection is working again.  I would like to take this opportunity to mention that this week's edition of The Right Word will focus on two things, the first of which is the politician's pay increases and Qantas' actions of not allowing men to sit next to children on flights.

U2 tickets for the first show on the 17th of March 2006 went on sale on Monday the 5th of December and made headlines by selling out in the first 90 minutes.  U2's second concert for Auckland on the 18th of March 2006 went on sale on the 12th of December and they also sold out within 90 minutes.  All the shows in Australia have sold out.  I was lucky enough to get tickets for Brisbane after missing out on Melbourne.  I will bring you a report after the concert in March.

Its coming up to Christmas and retailers are feeling strains as the sales are not as high as expected for this time of year.  Many retailers are alluding it to the increase in petrol prices putting a strain on people's pockets and the increase in interest rates.  I believe that people may have already done their Christmas shopping but instead of doing it in one clean sweep they did it over a period of a few months or are leaving it until Christmas Eve which falls on a Saturday this year.


This computer is having major issues so the website won't be updated again for a few more days, The Right Word will be delayed until then.


In issue 8 I mentioned that I am going to be in Wellington from late January.  I should also mention that I will be in Wellington for 6 months (well 22 weeks if I'm going to be exact) for radio school there.  For those who know I didn't complete the one in Tauranga you can place bets now if you wish but I will be completing it this time around.  Wellington is my home city, the political capital and I've known all my life that I'm returning to Wellington at some point.

After radio school I will of course be coming back to Auckland and in 2008 I will still be running for the Auckland Central electorate.

Unleashed 2005 is a fantastic CD.  I had seen the advertisement for it on Friday night and bought it on Sunday.  Standout tracks for me are Nickleback's Photograph.  The song would be perfect for a high school reunion.  It's a shame that they are not touring New Zealand at this stage.  Maybe they will in the future.  Speaking of touring, U2 are touring, they play at Ericsson Stadium on Friday the 17th of March, tickets go on sale on Monday the 5th of December, 2 days after my birthday.  If you want to purchase tickets online get yourself to or to selected NZ Post Shops who will also be selling tickets.  It's quite cool really, Green Day did the same thing last year, sold tickets around the time of my birthday, I wonder if the bands know when it is my birthday (just joking).  Unleashed has other great tracks from Weezer, The Killers, Korn.  Two tracks that I am very fond of are Better Off Alone sung by Grinspoon.and as I said, Photograph by Nickleback.  This CD deserves a rating of 4/5.  It would be great for parties and is great for chilling out. 


Issue 8 of The Right Word is now up on the site.


The latest issue of The Right Word is now up on the site.  You can still view the old ones, just type in etc etc.


It has been a while since this page was updated.  It seems to be more infrequent which is why there is an update now.  (useless piece of information that you really didn't need to know). 

This week there was news about Robert Sarkies wanting to make a movie about the Aramoana tragedy that happened 15 years ago on November 13th 1990. When I first found out that he wanted to make this into a movie I was quite disappointed because for years I had been planning to do the same thing.  When I lived in Dunedin several years ago I would often make my parents drive me to Aramoana and we would try and figure out which street the murders had happened in.  It turned out that my father and i were right about where they had happened. I  won't name the street though. 

Although Sarkies has beaten me to making the tragedy into a movie he may have done me a favour as there have been mixed reactions.  Many Aramoana citizens want the tragedy to be laid to rest and don't want a movie to be made. 

Sarkies will endure a media backlash in my opinion so that by the time I get started on my version of events (which will have a different angle to the Sarkies one) people will be over it and will have a more positive reaction to my film.  Call me selfish if you want but I am very annoyed and disappointed that Sarkies is making this tragedy into a movie although in a twisted way he may have done me a favour...I guess Aramoana will be my second movie that I make or maybe I will focus on the Bain murders instead.

Email me your views on this matter at or


the sixth issue of The Right Word is up on the site. more articles coming later.


I really hate being wrong about things, especially publicly wrong.  There was an error in this week's edition of The Right Word which someone corrected me on.  Rod Donald took over leadership of the Green Party in 1995 with Jeaneatte Fitzsimons and entered parliament as a list MP in 1996.


It's been a busy week which is why The Right Word is late in being up on the site, but now it is.


There is an opinion about adding a youth wing to parliament and destroying the youth parliament in the opinions section of this website.


If you live out of Auckland and would like to receive a copy of The Right Word weekly then email me with your contact details and I will make sure I post the copies out to you.  My email address is or


The 4th issue, also the largest issue of The Right Word is up on the website now.  For those of you who missed out on buying a copy today, I have typed up the article that appeared in Sunday News this week.  The following article is taken directly from Sunday News and they own the copyright to the content in the article.

New Zealand Idol Hall of Shamer and porn mag star Liz Shaw wants to be a politician.

Right winger Liz Shaw shown throwing a tantrum in promo ads for the TV talent show is fuming again.  But this time the teenage advertising student is furious at New Zealand's political situation.  And she's appalled that Labour managed to get back into the beehive.

To set the record straight she's pledged to stand as an independent in candidate in the Auckland Central electorate in the next general election.  "I was angry at this year's election result." Liz told Sunday News.

"I was angry that it's the older people who tend to get their chance to speak out and the younger people don't.  I was angry that people went for Labour.  I was angry with the way the political parties were run.  I don't like their approach to the bird flu".

Auckland University student Liz, 19, had a taste in the public eye when she auditioned for New Zealand Idol.  She said she knew she was a terrible singer but wanted her 15 minutes of fame.  "I'd rather die hated than die unknown," she said.

"I want to make an impact in the short time that I'm alive.  Life is so shot.  We have to take every opportunity".

Her performance, which didn't exactly wow judges Paul Ellis and Frankie Stevens earned her a spot in the show's hall of shame segment.  Liz was also shown throwing a tantrum and sloppily applying make up in preview ads for the hit reality tv show. 

A different side of Liz was shown in R18 kiwi porn mag NZX.  She was featured in a series of naked poses in the June series of the mag, under the heading of Study Hard.

Liz who voted National and gave her electorate vote to Act in the recent election said she will stand on a platform of personal responsibility, lower taxes, changing immigration and business tax cuts.  She would support the sale of State Owned Enterprises.

"I'm not expecting to win," Liz said.

"If I do thats fantastic. And if I don't at least my opinions are out there and the following election, in 2011, people will know who I am and will know what I stand for."

Liz's public profile has given her a taste for the media - on the other side of the printing press.  She distributes The Right Word, a weekly publication of about 100 copies, around Auckland University.  "It's been running for three weeks," Liz said.

"It's got news items that are sourced from other sources."

"It has exclusive opinion items - I did an opinion piece on the bird flue and the way we could combat that - and horror movie reviews.

"I've had a lot of inspiration just from being in the media - It's given me a hunger and a thirst for it."